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Sweet Colours has made its online Rosepetalshop as well-structured as possible so that shopping is simple and easy for you.
You simply have to click one of the five buttons at the top of the page in order to look at our lovely products: Freeze dried rose petals, preserved rose petals, preserved roses, freeze dried hydrangea petals or freeze dried delphinium petals
After having clicked on one of these five buttons, you will directly be shown an overview of our current offers of roses and petals. The last button is our free sample service, with this service we can convince you of our great products!

You can then go to the details page per colour, where you can put various packages into the shopping basket by filling in the required number and clicking on ‘add to basket’.
An overview of your shopping basket will be shown on the left-hand side of the page.
When you are ready to order, simply click on ‘order now’ which will automatically route you to the ‘Total’ page.
After you have specified your required delivery date or perhaps a discount code, click ‘Order now" which will route you to the ’Registration’ page.
Once you have filled in all the required details and agreed to the terms and conditions, then please click ‘continue’.
You can then pay via Adyen, which is an optimally secure online payment service. Following payment, you will immediately receive an order confirmation and invoice by email.

Vase With Rose Petals

Which rose petals are suitable for me?

We get a lot of questions about the differences between freeze-dried rose petals and preserved rose petals. In the table below you will see at a glance the most important differences. This will enable you to select the most suitable product more quickly. However, if you still have any questions after reading this, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

Question: Freeze-dried  Preserved
Biodegradable? Yes Yes
Do they feel soft? Yes Yes
Are they fragile? Yes No
Do they stain? No Yes
Are they colour-fast? Yes Yes
Do they last long? Yes Yes
Store in fridge/freezer? No No
Can be used as confetti?  Yes Yes

Safe & secure online shopping

Secure and reliable online payment

We want you to shop securely and pleasantly. For this reason, Sweet Colours only uses the most current and reliable payment systems, qua internet technology. On our payment page, you will find various payment options so that you can choose the payment method which suits you best. All of Sweet Colours’ online payments are carried out in a secure and reliable way via Payment Service Provider Adyen. Thanks to Adyen’s Thawte SSL Certificate, the highest possible degree of authenticity is achieved. All your Sweet Colour purchases are therefore guaranteed to be safe! Adyen strictly adheres to the code of conduct regarding information obligation, privacy, cancellation rights and dispute settlement, providing a comfortable and secure feeling. The payment details you supply to make the actual payment are completely secured and cannot be read or discovered by Sweet Colours.

Payment route

Once you have chosen a particular article from our site and have filled in your delivery details, the payment screen appears giving the different payment options. You then select your desired payment type.
Sweet Colours offers you the following payment methods:

  • Mastercard
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After payment has been made, you will directly receive an order confirmation and invoice by email, and your order will be processed.

Sweet Colours' Packaging


All our products are sent by:

-TNT Global Parcel Service
-Home Delivery Network (Yodel)
-Royal Mail

the cost of which is :

  • Economy delivery £5.95 (5-10 working days)
  • Priority delivery £9,95 (2-4 working days)
  • Worldwide delivery £19,50 (5-10 working days)

Even if you have a large order, you only have to pay this amount and not more! Furthermore, the sample box fits through the letterbox and you don’t need to sign for receipt. Please make sure that you fill in the correct delivery date and address on the order form so that any misunderstandings can be avoided!
You can be assured that your order will be packed with utmost care.
However, the contents may ‘settle’ a little during transportation.
Once the package has been despatched, you will receive an email to let you know that your order is on the way.
We would really appreciate it if you could let us know when you receive your order.

Cheap rose petals, discounts up to twenty percent


As you have probably noticed, Sweet Colours’ roses & petals are very competitively priced. Nevertheless, when you spend £100 or more and at least 2 items, you will be entitled to a discount. The discount can mount up to 20%.

Please send an email to: specifying your order.
You will then receive an email with your unique discount code which you can input in the payment page (Please do not forget to click the ‘ADD’ button). This code is for one-off use and is valid solely for your current order. The discount code will expire after use.

Wedding Bag With Vintage Pink Rose Petals


Rose petals and preserved roses are becoming more and more popular everyday, also amongst professionals such as florists and floral designers.

Just some of the advantages of Sweet Colours’ dried roses & petals :

  • Very long lasting
  • Direct supply from stock
  • Biodegradable
  • Freeze dried products do not leave nasty stains (avoid wet surfaces)
  • Directly usable
  • The same price all year round – so you don’t have to pay more during peak periods
  • No care required (such as cutting and watering)
  • Not weather dependent (hot summer days, frost)

White Rose Petals In Scale

Freeze-dried rose petals

Just imagine having real rose petals! Decorative, colourful, with a shelf-life much longer than you could ever have expected. Such rose petals do exist – Sweet Colours’ freeze-dried rose petals!
Freeze-drying is the most natural preservation method for roses. How does it work? It works by using special machines which extract the moisture from the rose petals. Thanks to this environmentally-friendly method, the rose petals maintain their colour, cell structure, shape and silky softness. During this process, no use is made of chemicals or other types of colouring agents. Accordingly, these rose petals are 100% biodegradable and can be used as confetti at every location. Due to this special treatment, freeze-dried rose petals can be kept much longer than untreated/fresh rose petals. If they are kept in a dry, dark place, they will last for several months without losing their quality.
Sweet Colours offers a variety of 1, 2, 8, 24 litre and heart shaped boxes. Larger orders will receive an attractive volume discount. Would you like to know roughly how much you need? A one litre box is sufficient to decorate approximately 1-2 average-sized dining table(s).
Red for love…. Burgundy for romance…. or Rich cream for your wedding day!

Preserved Rose Petals In Baskets

Preserved rose petals

The preservation of real rose petals is a superb method which enables you to enjoy your product much longer. They feel just as silky soft like real rose petals, shine just as beautifully, don’t discolour or wilt and will last for years. Accordingly, they are ideally suitable as table decoration or as confetti at weddings.
When you choose Sweet Colours’ preserved rose petals, you are choosing quality. Due to the suppleness of the product, the petals can even be put in an envelope which is ideal when sending out invitations and birth announcements. Preserved rose petals are provided in many different colours. If your favourite colour is not yet available, please keep an eye on our website because our assortment is growing by the month.
Sweet Colours offers a variety of 1, 2, 8, 24 litre and heart shaped boxes. Larger orders will receive an attractive volume discount. Would you like to know roughly how much you need? A one litre box is sufficient to decorate approximately 1-2 average-sized dining table(s).
Please be aware that preserved rose petals, just like real rose petals, are not colour-fast and may stain. If you would like rose petals that as well as having a long shelf-life are guaranteed not to stain, then choose our freeze-dried rose petals

Preserved Roses In Glass

Preserved roses

A rose that looks and feels like a freshly-plucked rose and yet can last a lot longer. Sweet Colours’ preserved roses have a gorgeous natural beauty. These roses cannot be compared with dried, freeze-dried or silk roses. In order to preserve this product, an advanced technical process is used whereby the natural sap in real roses is replaced with a liquid mixture of glycerine, water and colouring. This results in a superb product which feels just like a freshly-plucked rose, looks completely natural but lasts much longer than usual.
What is the secret? In fact, we stabilise the growing process. Consequently, the rose maintains its natural beauty, silky-soft sheen and beautiful strong colour. In addition, in contrast to real roses, preserved roses don’t require any water or other care. These special roses are very popular among designers, florists and window-dressers. Furthermore, you can see them regularly at weddings where they are used as buttonholes, for cake decoration or as attractive table decoration. The fact that in our country, special workshops are even being given using preserved roses show that the product has a considerable number of followers. (see our Photo Gallery)
This product is available in approximately fifteen different colours as well as three different sizes. Orders are always sent in a pretty windowed box. Click on the pictures for more information about sizes and prices. (for example: Burgundy roses or our lovely Pale pink roses) Sweet Colours’ preserved roses are of an extremely high quality. Look after them with care and they will give you months of pleasure.

Freeze Dried Hydrangea Petals In Scale

Freeze-dried hydrangea petals

The hydrangea is making a notable comeback. Since the flower became forgotten over the last century, it is now being planted in gardens more frequently. Sweet Colours also offers you the opportunity to enjoy these colourful flower petals for much longer. How can we do this? By freeze-drying them!
Freeze-dried hydrangea petals are perfect for use as table decoration and serve extremely well as confetti at weddings. They are attractive, elegant and also very chic. We have a large stock available throughout the whole year which means that, from now on, you can also use the hydrangea outside its normal season. The petals come in white, green, blue, two tones and pink; in fact in every colour combination imaginable. (lovely with our Candy pink rose petals) Furthermore, just like freeze-dried rose petals, this product is 100% biodegradable.

Freeze Dried Delphinium Petals In Glass

Freeze-dried Delphinium petals

Our freeze-dried Delphinium petals are available in various colours. Because of their delicate shape, these petals make particularly suitable table decorations.
Delphinium is Latin for dolphin. The flower got its name because from a distance, the buds resemble this mammal. The Delphinium is also sometimes commonly referred to as larkspur. Our assortment consists exclusively of the Elatum hybrid variety. The characteristics of this variety are excellent for the freeze-drying process. Its beautiful double flower makes this product an elegant addition to every event and festive occasion. What is more? Freeze-dried Delphinium petals are available throughout the whole year. Check out our lovely dark blue, lilac and purple delphinium petals!
Sweet Colours offers a variety of 1, 2 and 8 litre boxes. Larger orders will receive an attractive volume discount. Would you like to know roughly how much you need for table decoration? A 1 litre box is sufficient to decorate approximately 1-2 of average-sized dining table(s).

Single Deep Pink Rose Petals

A few useful tips

  • Keep your roses or petals in the original packaging in a dry, warm and dark place ( i.e. not in the freezer! ).
  • Don’t forget to keep your camera handy at your wedding or event because, naturally, you wouldn’t want to miss the most spectacular moments.
  • As the product is dried, it mustn’t get wet otherwise it could leave nasty stains.
  • Use our lovely petals to scatter on table’s; it’s guaranteed to get everybody talking!
  • Remove the rose petals from the original packaging twenty-four hours before use. This will give them the chance to absorb some moisture which will result in the rose petals feeling softer. This process can be accelerated by placing them in a humid place, such as the bathroom, for a few hours.

Burgundy Freeze Dried Rose Petals In Vase

Why The Rosepetalshop?

The most natural preservation method for roses is freeze-drying (see ‘The Process’) and preservation. Through this special treatment, the product is able to retain it’s original form, cell structure, colour and is also very long lasting.
In fact, our freeze dried rose petals, freeze dried hydrangea petals and freeze dried delphinium petals are directly usable. Hydrangea and delphinium petals are becoming more and more popular as wedding decoration. Our lovely preserved roses and preserved rose petals are treated different then our freeze dried products, read ‘preserved roses’ for more details.

Our customers are very diverse. Consumers use our rose petals mainly for weddings and funerals. Commercially we deliver to hotels, are used in commercials or film sets, by floral designers, in spas etc. The wide choice of colours of petals on offer means that you can always choose the right colour to suit your theme or wedding. Due to our large purchasing/production capacity, we can directly supply you from stock at a very competitive price.

Because no chemicals are used, our freeze dried petals are organically decomposable and are therefore always welcome at events (weddings, funerals etc.).
You can use the rose petals, hydrangea & delphinium petals as confetti for weddings, table confetti, along walkways, isles or just as decoration.
Because the freeze dried petals no longer contains any moisture, it doesn’t leave nasty stains (very reassuring with wedding dresses, table cloths and carpets). The dark coloured (black,red etc.) preserved petals might stain in wet conditions.
Sweet Colours offers their products in various packaging (see our webshop).
Also, we offer Cheap Rose Petals. These have been separated from our top quality petals by our staff because they have slight colour deviation, are curled or torn – in a word they are not perfect. We offer these Cheap Rose Petals at very low prices.
Sweet Colours strives for perfection and is therefore always looking for new colours. Keep an eye on our latest offers.
If you would like to brighten up your event or wedding with beautiful colours or just have something ‘different’ in your home, then don’t hesitate to try some of our lovely petals!

Add beauty, an elegant touch and excitement to your event or wedding !!

Freeze-Drying Machine

The freeze-drying process

Freeze-drying is the only way to successfully extract moisture from a flower, and is a complicated process which requires a lot of professional skill. One small mistake can quickly damage the product.
Sweet Colours possess the most modern machines which run 24-7 and are operated by unique software. Before the process begins, the roses are cut off (just underneath the head) and placed in drawers in the machine.
The machine consists of two chambers: the condenser chamber and the specimen chamber. Once all the roses have been placed in the specimen chamber, the machine is started and the freezing programme begins whereby the roses are frozen to -40 degrees. Then the vacuum pump comes into operation and the actual drying process commences. Because the condenser chamber is colder than the specimen chamber (-55 or less!) the vapour is extracted from the roses under a deep vacuum and converted into ice-crystals.
These ice-crystals quickly form a layer of ice in the condenser chamber.
The ice is removed by defrosting. When no more ice forms, the process is complete and the specimen chamber can be opened (always a nice moment).
The whole process takes about 14 days. By carrying out this process with great care, Sweet Colours is able to produce perfectly freeze dried rosepetals, hydrangea petals and delphinium petals which can be used directly.

Cheap rose petals, discounts up to twenty percent

History of the freeze-drying process

Although nowadays techniques have improved, the principle of freeze-drying was first applied in South America centuries ago. The Incas used it to preserve their potatoes. After the harvest, the potatoes were removed of their skin and were left outside during the freezing cold night. Then during the day, the frozen potatoes were laid out to dry in the hot sun whereby the moisture evaporated. By repeating this ritual over several days, the potatoes could be kept for at least a year. And just to think that in Europe it would take another hundred years before the refrigerator was invented and food could be kept much longer.
The Second World War brought about the development of the freeze-drying process in rapid tempo. The American Ministry of Defence saw freeze-drying as the ideal method for preserving blood plasma and penicillin longer. Several decades later, NASA also recognised the advantages. Up until today, the American Space Travel Organisation has applied the principle in order to keep food freight in space shuttles as light as possible. Since 1960, more than four hundred different types of freeze-dried food have appeared on the supermarket shelves. The most well-known of which is freeze-dried coffee.

Freeze Dried Rose Petals In Heartshaped Boxes

Rose petals throughout the years

Rose petals have been a symbol of romance and luxury for thousands of years. It is known that Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen, would not take a bath without having hundreds of colourful rose petals floating on the water. The story goes that the famous Roman Commander Marcus Aurelius was received in a celebration hall covered in a ten-centimetre thick layer of rose petals. The Romans were also besotted with roses. They used the petals not only in the bath but also as filling for mattresses and cushions. During that time, even perfumes were made from them. Even now, rose petals are still associated with romance (Valentine’s day…) by many people and they are a welcomed decoration at the majority of weddings.