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Rose petals, Preserved roses & Hydrangea petals

Rose petals

Freeze-dried rose petals and Preserved rose petals are real rose petals. Modern techniques utilized by Sweet Colours make it possible to enjoy this natural product for much longer.

When freeze-drying, all the moisture is removed from the rose with the aid of special machine.

Due to this unique process, the rose petals retain their natural colour, cell structure and shape.

Preserved rose petals are treated using an advanced technical process. The natural sap in the rose petals is replaced with a mixture of glycerine, water and colouring.

Due to this, the natural and silky soft qualities of the rose petals remain in tact, just as if they were freshly plucked! All our rose petals are 100% organically decomposable.

Preserved roses

Sweet Colours' Preserved roses have a wonderful natural beauty.

A product that feels just like a freshly plucked rose. It looks natural and lasts for more than 1 year. The secret? Actually, we stablise the growing process. The natural sap in the roses is replaced with a mixture of glycerine, water and colouring.

Due to this, the rose keep its natural softness, beautiful bright colour and silky soft shine.

Hydrangea petals

Thanks to their elegant and chic appearance, freeze-dried hydrangea petals are an attractive addition to every wedding or event.

Would you like to see/feel what freeze-dried /preserved rose petals or hydrangea petals actually are first? ’Order a free sample package’.

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