Real rose petals

100% natural and 100% biodegradable!
We exclusively sell REAL rose petals, no silk, paper or other artificial materials100% natural rose petals that are long lasting. How do we do this?  By using modern techniques the rose petals retain their colour, cell structure, shape and silky softness. A unique way of treatment makes our rose petals 100% biodegradable and allows them to be used at any location for scattering or as decoration at weddings. Sweet Colours offers you the following types of rose petals:  

Our customers
Our rose petals are sold daily to clients and business customers such as florists, film sets, festivals, wedding locations, hotels, spas and thermal baths. Our products are so popular due to their natural quality and immediate availability. Our unique freeze-drying and preservation methods allow us to supply REAL rose petals of the most beautiful colours all year round straight from our stock supplies!

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