Sweet Colours specializes in the production and delivery of confetti for weddingsAs fresh rose petals wilt very quickly, and are labour intensive and expensive, you can buy rose petals and hydrangea petals from us all year directly from our supplies via our web shop. Our unique preservation and freeze-dry techniques allow us to deliver confetti that retains its natural properties such as colour and shape as well as having long lasting properties!

Wedding theme
Because we exclusively use natural products our confetti is 100% biodegradable and is therefore welcome at any locationThrowing confetti at weddings has been a centuries old tradition. After all you want the most beautiful photographs of your wedding day! Increasing numbers of wedding couples spend time on a wedding theme or colour. Often this involves only a few small adjustments to be made but provides your wedding with so much extra and glamour. Scattering or decorating tables with rose petals enhances your colour and selected theme and provides a personal and luxurious appearance. 

Cheap confetti
We sell the most suited rose petals for every budget; premium rose petals in many colours and our special ‘B-choice-mixed’ to use as confetti at weddings. All of our freeze-dried roses are picked and sorted by hand by our staff after the freeze-drying process. The B-choice mixed rose petals are separated from our top quality rose petals because they vary in colour, are curling or torn. We sell our B-choice mixed petals in 8 or 24 litre boxes. These are by far our mostly sold rose petals, you receive many rose petals for little money! Ideal for scattering over the bride and groom, or as ground decoration leading up to the altar.