Rose petals and hydrangea petals long-lasting through freeze-drying 
Looking for petals?  Sweet Colours is the right place to be! We sell rose petals and hydrangea petals. These petals are used as decoration in particular at weddings. We exclusively sell natural products. Our modern techniques make it possible to enjoy these natural petals for much longer. The natural and silky soft properties of the roses and their colours remain in-tact by means of freeze-drying. 

Rose petals; long lasting by preservation
The preservation process treats natural roses by means of an advanced technical process that replaces the natural sap in real roses by a liquid mixture of glycerine, water and dyes. The result is a beautiful product that feels just like a freshly picked rose. The rose petals are hand-picked by our staff after this process. The petals are then sold per litre via our website to consumers and wholesale clients.

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