Frequently asked questions

Given below is a selection of frequently asked questions. If the information you require is not included, please contact us at We will send you a quick reply.

  • I want to order rose petals, but I don’t know exactly how many to order?

    1 liter of rose petals contains the following: 

    • Number: Circa 150-200 petals. This depends upon the colour and size. 
    • Weight: freeze-dried rose petals weigh 40-50 grams whereas preserved rose petals weigh 70-80 grams. 
    • Table decoration: a light scattering for 3 to 4 tables (8-10 people). 
    • Number of handfuls: 4 to 5. 
    • Number of confetti bags: 5 to 7 (medium sized). 
    • Altar-aisle: a light scattering for circa 1 meter.

    Would you like to work out approximately how many litre's of rose petals you need? You can use our convenient ‘Rose petal calculator’;  this allows you to quickly calculate the amount you will need for any occasion!

  • What is the difference between freeze dried and preserved petals?

    Freeze-dried rose petals are bio-degradable, light-weight, have a natural colour and are fragile. More importantly, they do not stain. These petals are colourfast for about 3 to 5 weeks provided they are kept in a dry, dark place. After this period, the rose petals may start to lose their colour. 

    Preserved rose petals are also bio-degradable  but feel softer and do not break into pieces. These petals have been coloured and therefore can stain. Provided they are kept in a dry, dark place, preserved rose petals can be kept for between 1 to 3 years. After this period, the rose petals may begin to lose their colour. 

    We only supply real rose petals. All our products can be stored simply at room temperature. Storage in a fridge or freeze is not necessary.

  • When is the best time for me to order?

    We recommend you to have our freeze dried rose petals and hydrangea petals delivered 1 or 2 weeks before your event so that you receive our products in tiptop condition! Our preserved roses and petals will last between 1 to 3 years so you can order these any time.  

    Have you selected your preferred colours already but your event is not for another few weeks or months? Not a problem. Sweet Colours offers you the possibility of ordering your products now and have them delivered at a later date. You simply fill in your preferred delivery date as part of your order. Your order will then be archived and delivered on or before the requested delivery date. In this way, you can be sure of the availability of all the desired types and colours. 

    This also lets you take advantage of our temporary special offers !  

  • What delivery options do you offer?

    Delivery via Sweet Colours is also extremely handy; the advantages are as follows:

    • All our parcels are sent by DPD daily.
    • Order before 14:00 hrs, same day dispatch! (Mon-Fri)
    • DPD Predict, you will be sent a delivery time by email.
    • Track & trace with every order.
    • Product in the sale but required later? No problem. You can order it now and have it delivered several weeks/months later. Seize the chance now!

    Below is an overview of our delivery costs and duration per country: 

    • UK Economy | 5-8 working days | £ 5.95 
    • UK Priority | 2-4 working days | £ 9.95 
    • Ireland Economy | 5-8 working days | £ 7,95
    • Ireland Priority | 3-4 working days | £ 11,95
    • Other countries in Europe | 3-5 working days | £ 9,95
    • Worldwide delivery | 10-14 working days | £ 19,95

    • How long will the product last?

      At Sweet Colours, you can be sure of receiving natural products. Thanks to the freeze-dry process you can enjoy them for much longer, even for several months or more. If the freeze-dried rose petals & hydrangea petals are placed in direct sunlight, they will start to lose their colour in about 3 to 5 weeks. This does not apply to our preserved roses and preserved rose petals. They are extremely colourfast because they have been coloured. These products can be kept for between 1 to 3 years provided they are kept in a dry, dark place. Only then will the preserved rose petals start to lose their colour.

    • Are my personal details safe?

      Your personal data will be used and protected with the greatest possible care against use by third parties by means of an SSL connection (seen as a small green lock icon in your browser). Your payment is settled through Adyen, an extremely secure online server that also protects your data security.

    • Why are Sweet Colours’ products so much cheaper than those of similar suppliers?

      We can offer our products at a very inexpensive price because of competitive procurement and the efficient use of modern machines.

    • I want to order rose petals, but I don’t know exactly how many to order?

      This is a commonly asked question at Sweet Colours. This is why we provide you with our handy ‘Rose petal calculator’.

      More helpful information below: 

      1 liter of rose petals contains the following:

      • Number: Circa 150-200 petals. This depends upon the colour and size.
      • Weight: freeze-dried rose petals weigh 40-50 grams whereas preserved rose petals weigh 70-80 grams.
      • Table decoration: a light scattering for 3 to 4 tables (8-10 people).
      • Number of handfuls: 4 to 5.
      • Number of confetti cones: 5 to 7 (medium sized).
      • Altar-aisle: a light scattering for circa 1 meter.

    • ​What payment methods do you offer?

      All of Sweet Colours’ online payments are carried out in a secure and reliable way via Payment Service Provider Adyen. Thanks to Adyen’s Thawte SSL Certificate, the highest possible degree of authenticity is achieved. All your Sweet Colour purchases are therefore guaranteed to be safe!

      Sweet Colours offers you the following payment methods:

      • Visa
      • Mastercard
      • Paypal
      • American Express
      • Maestro

      All information can be found at ‘Secure and reliable online payment’.

    • I may not be at home when the delivery arrives. Is that a problem?

      All parcels need to be signed for on delivery. When placing your order, you can also use a different delivery address in case you are not going to be home (at work, family,  neighbour etc.) If you were not home at the time of delivery, the courier will try again the next day. All further information is available at ‘Delivery

    • If I purchase a large quantity, are the delivery costs also higher?

      No, the delivery costs are always £5,95 for home deliveries.

    • I need some rose petals very quickly. Is this possible?

      Our motto is: Ordered today before 14:00, dispatched today! (mon-fri) All delivery times are found at ‘Delivery

    • Can I order by phone?

      We are happy to answer your questions over the phone. We regret that it is not possible to process payments over the phone due for security reasons. All orders/payments are exclusively processed via our web shop.

    • Is the product still frozen when it is delivered to me and do I have to keep it in the freezer?

      No! Our products can be used straight away and are dry and silky soft. It is best to keep our products in their original packaging, at room temperatures, and in a dry and dark place to ensure their long lasting qualities. Remove the freeze-dried rose petals & hydrangea petals from their original packaging 24 hours before using them so they can absorb some circulating humidity as this will give them a softer feel. (A humid bathroom can also be used to speed up this process)

    • Do the prices quoted include VAT?

      Yes, all web shop prices include VAT.

    • If I am not satisfied with the delivered product, can I get my money back?

      It can of course happen that the product does not meet customer satisfaction or does not meet your needs, (which is an exception!). In this case you will get a refund of your payment made for your products, not the delivery costs. Some exceptions apply to this, for further information on returns, go to 'Returning Goods'.

    • If I order a large quantity, do I get a discount?

      If you spend a minimum of £100 and buy two or more products, you will receive an attractive discount which can mount up to 20%. What do you need to do for discount while shopping online in our web shop?  Email your order, ask for your discount code and profit from this additional benefit. You will then receive your unique discount code by email. Enter this code when you order and click on 'Activate' to activate the discount.

      Tip: you will even receive bulk discounts on our ‘Special offers’!

      We apply the following discounts to orders:

      • £100-£500,   10% discount
      • £500-£1000, 15% discount
      • >£1000,         20% discount

    • Are you able to preserve my wedding bouquet?

      Unfortunately we don't offer this service. Therefore we recommend