Free sample service

Our free sample package service is especially for you! This service is (strangely enough) FREE!! You only pay a small delivery fee (£1.99). PLEASE NOTE: this service is only for rose petals and hydrangea petals, not for preserved rose heads!

Why use our free sample package service?
  • You are not sure what to choose and you want to see/feel what dried flower petals actually are first.
  • You want to choose the correct colour scheme to suit your theme first.
  • You can choose a maximum of 4 colours (for example: red and dark pink rose petals; green and blue hydrangea petals)
  • Your free sample package will be sent in a letterbox size box, so you don't need to stay home to accept delivery.
  • Because you would like to get to know our company and products first.

Rose petals

Freeze-dried hydrangea petals