• Rose stem with leaves, Rose amor, 30cm.
  • Rose stem with leaves, Rose amor, 30cm.

Preserved rose stem

Article number STE-01
  • Contents: 1 rose stem with leaves & green sepals.
  • Stem length: 30cm.
  • Packed in clear plastic.
  • Shelf life: 1-2 years
  • Available from stock
  • Easy to assemble, see below!

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Worldwide, roses are one of the most popular flowers in the florists’ assortment. Our team has developed a clever solution to the demand for preserved stem roses, making it easy for you to select your own combination of roses and stems at a reasonable price. The stems are carefully selected whilst growing and cut to the correct length of 30 or 70 cm. Once the rose has been removed the stems are preserved. On completion of this preserving process the stems are individually wrapped in clear plastic for their protection. The fresh natural sheen of the green leaves remains, even after they have been preserved! This unique solution enables you to easily combine any colour of rose with a stem, at a reasonable price. The finished product requires no further care or water, and can be enjoyed for several years. We deliver stems together with a green ring of sepals. Would you like a size L sized red rose, or a lovely XXL white rose

 with stem? No problem. Every combination of size and colour of rose and stem is possible. It really is very simple:

  • Cut any remaining stem from the rose using a knife or scissors
  • Glue the sepals to the rose 
  • Attach the rose to the stem
  • Done!  

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Preserved green rose stems provide a unique way to create stem roses. You can now personally combine any selection of rose colour and size with a stem!

  • Preserved rose stem with leaves
  • Final check rose amor preserved roses single stem with crown