A few useful tips

  • Keep your rose petals, preserved roses & hydrangea petals in their original packaging and in a dry warm and dark place to maintain their optimum quality (avoid the freezer!).
  • Don’t forget to have your camera ready for your event because you don’t want to miss the most spectacular moments of course!
  • Make sure that the rose petals don't get wet because this can make them get slippery to walk on and cause stained clothing.
  • Use the rose petals and hydrangea petals for scattering on the table. This is guaranteed to get everyone talking.
  • Take the freeze-dried rose petals and hydrangea petals out of their original packaging 24 hours in advance so they can absorb some circulating moisture to give them a ‘softer’ feel. (A moist environment such as a bathroom will speed up this process if you want).