Preserved rose petals

Preserved rose petals are real rose petals!
The preservation of real rose petals is a superb method which enables you to enjoy your product much longer. They feel just as silky soft like real rose petals, shine just as beautifully, don’t discolour or wilt and will last for years. Accordingly, they are ideally suitable as a table decoration or as confetti at weddings.

The preservation process
Rose petals are preserved by using an advanced technical process that replaces the natural moisture in real roses by a liquid mixture of glycerine, water and dyes. The result is a beautiful product that feels just like fresh rose petals. 

When you choose Sweet Colours’ preserved rose petals, you are choosing quality. Due to the suppleness of the product, the petals can even be put in an envelope which is ideal when sending out invitations and birth announcements. Preserved rose petals are provided in many different colours. If your favourite colour is not yet available, please keep an eye on our website because our assortment is growing by the month.

Also good to know…
Sweet Colours offers you packaging of 1, 2, 8 and 24 litre capacities, as well as heart shaped boxes. We provide orders of more than £100 with attractive bulk discounts. Would you like to work out approximately how many rose petals you are going need? You can use our convenient ‘Rose petal calculator’; this allows you to quickly calculate the amount you will need for any occasion! Use our ‘Free sample service’ if you want to see and feel first what our preserved rose petals are really like.

Keep in mind that dark coloured preserved rose petals such as dark red, red, dark blue, black, chocolate and cerise pink, can cause stains just like fresh rose petals. Do you want rose petals that are guaranteed not to cause stains as well as being long-lasting? Then you can choose our Freeze-dried rose petals!

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